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What is Newton County Self-Paced Virtual School (VIP)?

Newton County School System (NCSS) self-paced virtual learning program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to engage in a virtual learning environment that does not require a physical presence in a traditional school setting.

How do I apply for the Self-Paced Virtual Learning Program (VIP)?

The application can be found on the NCSS Webpage (https://vip.newtoncountyschools.org/registration).

What is the application timeline?

  • The Fall Semester application window is in the Spring of each year.
  • The Spring Semester application window is in the Fall of each year.
  • Newly enrolling students have the option at the time of registration to apply forVIP.  New students must meet the same entrance requirements and acceptance may be limited based on VIP enrollment numbers.
  • Students and parents will be notified of acceptance after the application window closes.

What commitment is required for students to participate in VIP?

VIP requires families to commit to virtual learning for a full year unless dismissed from the program due to failure to meet academic or attendance requirements. If students choose to return to the home school at the end of a semester, we will happily assist with the transition. Students are expected to attend and participate in their online education courses as fully as they would attend and participate in a face-to-face classroom course. For the best and most successful experience, students should plan on logging and submitting work daily. All courses contain a 'Course Schedule' that lists all assignments and due dates. Students may work ahead in the course but should not get behind. 

Will an orientation be held for parents and students?

A mandatory parent orientation/on-boarding will be held (TBD). The student and a parent will be required to attend. The date and time will be communicated to students at the beginning of the year.

Will my student have to participate in taking the Standardized Assessments?

All VIP Students will be scheduled a time to go to their home school prior to the deadline in order to

take all standardized  assessments. These assessments must be taken at the home school and

will require the student to attend for 3 separate dates for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours each assessment.

What is the School Calendar NCSS Self-Paced VIP?

Virtual-Learning mirrors the yearly approved school calendar published by NCSS.

What does instruction in your courses look like?

Secondary students (Grades 6-12) will use Edgenuity and Elementary students will use Edgenuity (Grades 3-5) to access their courses daily in conjunction with other educational technology programs. 

The curriculum has been designed to be *asynchronous and flexible in nature while providing

the structural organization of a traditional classroom. In our virtual format, time and location

constraints are lifted for students; however, coursework deadlines are clearly communicated and

must be upheld for students to achieve maximum academic success. If students are

completing assignments by the well-defined due date in their courses, their work can be completed

any time, from anywhere!

*asynchronous- Course format that does NOT require students to access meetings, lessons,

course content, etc., at a defined time.

Does NCSS Self-Paced Virtual School offer advanced courses for Middle School Students?

See list of courses offered

Can my student take AP courses via Virtual Learning?

Yes. Advanced Placement courses are offered and completed in Edgenuity.

Will my student be able to participate in athletics and activities?

Yes, students can participate in all afterschool activities. VIP is a supplemental program for students, even though a student may be

enrolled as a full-time virtual student, he/she still has full access to their home school facilities,

activities, and extracurriculars. *To participate, students must meet all requirements set by

each respective program.

Will technology be provided for students?

All VIP students will be issued Chromebooks 

from NCSS and distribution dates will be published at a later date and time


All students are required to have reliable internet access to complete their coursework.


Is Virtual Learning the same as homeschooling?

Students enrolled in Virtual Learning do their learning at home, nevertheless they are enrolled and 

considered to be active students of Newton County School System. The curriculum used is approved by 

the school system and the State of Georgia for elementary and middle schools, and for earning high

school credits that lead to a high school diploma.

What kind of diploma will my child receive after completing VIP?

Students who complete all the requirements for graduation will receive a high school diploma from their zoned school of record.


Are there requirements for a student computer?

Having access to a reliable device is absolutely necessary for students to be successful in the

virtual environment. Although tablets and phones can be used to access most virtual content, it

is highly recommended that students have access to a computer (Chromebook, PC, Mac) to

ensure full access to all assignments posted by instructors.


The best tool for access is the NCSS issued device (currently Chromebooks).

**Please note that this is a self-paced program. There is no live teacher assistance within this program.

** Upon registering for this program, you must complete the Commitment to Success Form located on 

     the VIP Website.