Welcome to Self-Paced Virtual Instructional Program!

The Self-Paced Virtual Instruction Program will open registration for FY-25 in Spring 2024. Please make sure that your contact information is correct with your student's registrar. This information will provide the contact information for communicating the next registration window and any other NCSS correnspondence. Everyone who wants to attend VIP for FY-25 school year must complete this form by the end of the registration period. Please understand that registration into the program is for the entire FY-25 school year and it is for grades 3-12. Please note that registration does not guarantee a slot in the program. If a student is failing more than one class, they will not be admitted into the program. Parents and students will be notified of acceptance into the program no later than 3 weeks after registration.


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VIP Art1This program is offered to all third through twelfth-grade students. This is a self-paced program, and students will work independently without a teacher.

If you have any questions about the program, please submit them through this google form. These questions will be added to our FAQ Page.

Note: At the time of acceptance, please complete VIP Online Learning Commitment for Success form.

Brian Merritt
NCSS VIP Coordinator

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