Students in the secondary virtual instructional program will utilize the Edgenuity platform for virtual instruction. Students will work according to targeted progress in the platform to complete the requirements of the course by the end of each semester. As students work independently on their assignments, they will receive feedback and support from certified teachers. Students will participate in Student Onboarding Orientation in July to familiarize themselves with their device, Edgenuity and digital citizenship. For students to continue in the program, they must maintain adequate academic progress of at least 70% during each grading period and be on track for graduation. It is important to note that the following courses are not available in the Edgenuity platform: STEM, ALANHS, ROTC, Newton College & Career Academy, Band and some CTAE courses.

As with any educational program, parents are an important part of students being successful. For students who are participating in this program, parents will be required to attend a Parent Orientation to ensure they are familiar with the program and the platforms that will be used. Parents will be required to continue supporting their child by attending one conference/workshop each nine weeks. Finally, parents need to ensure they have reliable access to the Internet for their child to participate in the online program. The district will not provide hot spots.